The protection of trademarks in Russia is granted on the basis of their State registration, effected through the procedure set forth by the Trademark Law of the Russian Federation or by provisions of International Treaties, to which the Russian Federation is a party (Paris Convention, Madrid Agreement & Protocol).

What can be registered:
  • Word trademarks 
  • Device trademarks 
  • 3-D trademarks 
  • Combinations of those 
  • Sound trademarks 
  • Light trademarks 
  • Any distinctive signs, slogans and objects 

The following documents and information are required for registration of a trademark in Russia: 
  • Name of the applicant; 
  • Residence of the applicant; 
  • List of goods or services, for which the registration of a trademark is required, with indication of class(-es), compiled in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services; 
  • Prints or photographs of a trademark (8 x 8 cm. in size) of good quality; black-and-white prints can be prepared at our side;
  • Executed POA (can be simply signed by the applicant).

To proceed, we will need an instruction with the information above in any format, comfortable for the applicant. We will not need a separate singed documentation, providing that POA is signed and applicant`s instruction covers all of the trademark applications and classes the applicant wishes to register.
The Power of Attorney is not required at the filing stage, however it may be requested during the examination, in this case we advise you to prepare this document too for the application.

Others services:
  • Trademark searches 
  • Trademark renewals and recordals 
  • Management of assignment and licensing of trademarks 
  • Resolution of disputes with the Chamber for Patent Disputes (answers to examinator’s refusal, opposition proceedings, others) 
  • Enforcement and litigation 

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