Procedure of obtaining a patent for industrial design has much in common with the aforesaid industrial property subject matters.

In accordance with the Patent Law ”an artistic-design presentation of an article, manufactured industrially or by artisans, that defines its outward appearance, shall be protected as an industrial design”.

In order to be granted with protection, an industrial design should be new and original. Novelty should be worldwide. Essential features of an industrial design shall include features that determine the aesthetic and/or ergonomic characteristics of the article’s outward appearance, in particular, the shape, configuration, ornament and combination of colors.

The following shall not be recognized as patentable industrial designs:
  • solutions that are determined exclusively by the technical function of an article; 
  • solutions that relate to architectural works (with the exception of minor architectural forms) and industrial, hydro-technical and other stationary structures; 
  • solutions that relate to subject matter of unstable shape such as liquids, gaseous and dry substances and the like; 
  • articles that are contrary to the public interest, humanitarian principles or morality. 
A patent granted for industrial design is valid during 10 years from the application filing date. The term of validity may be extended upon a request of the patent holder, but not more than for the next five years.

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