The Patent Law of the Russian Federation provides the legal protection and use of inventions, utility, models and industrial designs. The provisions of the Russian Patent Law are in conformity with International Treaties and are therefore similar to those in force in the majority of developed countries.

The Legal protection is provided for all technical solutions related to product or process with the exception of those, which traditionally are not regarded as inventions: discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods, methods and rules of playing games, performing mental acts and business methods, computer programs, integrated circuit layouts, plant varieties, animal breeds and solutions consisting only in presentation of information.

The legal protection spreads over practically all actions related to commercial introduction of invention: making, using, importing, offering for sale, selling and any other introducing into business activity or storing for these purposes a product, which includes patented invention.

What you need to register your patent:

  • a full text of specification, 
  • drawing and claims a certified copy of priority application, if Convention priority is claimed 
  • an abstract 
  • Power of Attorney  

Our Services in this fieid include:
  • preliminary assessment of patentability of the objects of industrial property; 
  • preparation of documents, required for filing application, including specifications and claims for invention and utility model in all technical areas, including such new fields of technology as biotechnology, immunology, gene engineering, microelectronics, lasers and optics, nanotechnology; 
  • filing and prosecution of patent applications in the Russian Patent Office, in the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) and in the Patent Offices of foreign and the CIS countries; 
  • representation of clients before the Chamber for Patent Disputes (Russian Patent Office) and before the Appeal Board (EAPO) in case of the Examination rejection decision and in oppositions against third parties patents; 
  • preparation and filing documents for assignment agreements' registration; 
  • annuity payments to keep patents in force; 
  • representing the interests of IP rights owners in case of patent's violation or contesting of rights for inventions and utility models. 

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