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Young & Wassermann LLC provides professional legal services through its offices in the USA, Russia, and the CIS countries

Our trusted agent US Office is located in Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos-Angeles.jpg
It combines over 17 years of high level corporate, government and independent experience, enhanced through understanding of international mechanisms for dispute resolution. Our US attorneys are admitted to litigate business and IP disputes in:- the USPTO- federal and state courts in California and New York- the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board- the European Court of Human RightsFor all US inquiries, please email to us_inquiries (at) ywllc.com
Our Russian office is located in Moscow, Russiaмосква.jpg
It combines over 15 years of experience, professionally dealing with IP issues in Russia and the CIS countries. Being in the heart of a giant country and a center for all former Soviet economies allows our Russian to conduct efficient management and cooperation with government bodies, including:- the RUPTO - Rospatent- the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service- the Russian Court of IP Rights- Arbitration CourtsFor all Russian inquiries, please e-mail to rus_inquiries (at) ywllc.com
Our agent offices in the CIS countries are located in all of the CIS countriesастана.jpg
All of the CIS attorneys are experienced professionals in IP protection, many of them being former PTOs officialsFor all CIS inquiries, please e-mail to cis_inquiries (at) ywllc.com 

For the last several years we have seen an enormous increase in the number of IP cases, including new registrations, litigations and handling provisional refusals in Kazakhstan. Our agent office effectively deals with the Kazakhstan PTO, assisting our clients to fully support their registrations in this booming economy.

Ukraine and Belarus

While trading with Russia and providing goods and services to its 150 million population, our international clients also tend to trade with Ukraine and Belarus. We have assisted hundreds of clients to properly market their products in Ukraine and Belarus by protecting their trademarks.

Georgia and Armenia

A great number of pharmaceuticals, construction and food industry companies have turned their interest to Georgia and Armenia. Our professional team assist such clients in efficient and adequate IP prosecution.

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Another effective team of professionals to handle multiple inquiries to these countries.


We have seen quite a number of cases in Moldova, however, each of these cases is unique and all-embracing and requires a close attention.

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